1:1 Health Coaching

Live a thriving, radiant, healthy life.

Struggling with finding a sense of balance in the healthy lifestyle you’re after?

Whether you’ve noticed yourself:


Dipping in and out of new diet trends


Navigating the frustration of discomfort after meals


Craving freedom from restrictive lifestyle + food choices


Or looking to work your way out of a relationship with food that’s causing more problems than it’s solving...

Feeling a sense of dissatisfaction with how you feel every day —physically, mentally, or emotionally—can seem like an impossible hurdle to get over.

Especially when the solutions you’ve tried, from meal plans to diets, and everything in between, haven’t worked. Or if they have, it’s been short term; with habits, symptoms, and that same old frustration returning days, weeks or months after a new ‘plan’ gets put in place.

Your health is a priority – which is why you’ve done the work you have. And, you’re ready to have some lasting, longterm, truly supportive results.

You’re ready to find your way into feeling better…WITHOUT the stress of restrictive approaches that make living life a chore, instead of a joy.


1:1 Health Coaching with Kim McGinnis

Designed to re-establish your relationship with all the ways you nourish and support your whole-body health, 1:1 Health Coaching is a 6-month experience that empowers you to move into a place of feeling better, for good.

Taking your whole life picture into account—relationships, social life, home cooking, finances, career, food, faith practices, home operations/decisions…literally all of it—we’ll work together to:

  • Create a new connection and relationship with food and how the way you nourish your body supports every aspect of your life.
  • Develop more mindfulness in your daily pursuit of your health and wellness goals; with plans to help you move closer to—instead of further from—the healthy lifestyle you want.
  • Bring more freedom to your life; setting you up with new insights and education, more guidance, and ongoing accountability to turn simple steps forward into lasting, life-supporting habits.

All to support you in finding your way into a radiant, glowing, healthy life and lifestyle that you feel good in, and feel good about.

The 1:1 Health Coaching Breakdown

Over 6 months together, you’ll receive:

  • 2 x 50 minute virtual appointments each month (12 calls total)
  • Full set of notes from each call, with digestible action items to support your progress
  • Simple recipes and informative handouts to increase nutrition knowledge
  • Email access for questions, concerns, and space for added support

…PLUS dedicated, personal commitment to your health and wellness, and kind accountability to help you create long-lasting change in your health and your life.

Here’s what to expect…

The concept of Health Coaching is new to many. So, here’s a peek into what to expect in our coaching conversations and the relationship we’ll cultivate:

Kind, compassionate guidance. While I’m here to hold you accountable and offer resources, insight, and guidance along the way, I’m not here to shame or blame, or tell you what to do. This won’t be tough love; this will be action-based education and conversations to empower you on your journey.

Keeping things simple. Small bites, that are chewable and digestible; that’s how we create lasting change. We’re here for the long game, so let’s look at how to make meaningful change that compounds over time by starting slow, and making manageable, simple changes that make a big difference in how you feel.

Being met where you’re at. There’s no ‘one way’ to pursue a healthy lifestyle. And, this work is all about sustainable change. So, we’ll look at where you’re at, what’s accessible to you, and create a customized + personalized plan that supports your lifestyle and is supported by the systems accessible to you to get you moving towards your goals.


I came to Kim with a poor diet, lack of knowledge of what I was eating and no control over my cravings. I was tired all the time and had no energy. I felt hopeless and in a downward spiral of trying every diet under the sun!

I finally have the education on what to eat, I have learned to control my cravings, and have improved my relationship with food!

Learning to listen to my body, how to make slow adjustments with healthy upgrades and eating to give my body energy has forever changed my wellness journey and I feel better than ever!

Thank you, Kim, for giving me hope and helping me understand the healing power that real whole food can have!


My ask of you?

It’s simple: to show up with the mindset for change. What does that mean?

  • Desiring the change – for YOU.
  • Committed to making it happen + doing the work to see the results.
  • You choose to learn + explore with an open mind and ample curiosity.
  • Staying open to change – knowing that stepping outside your comfort zone is where lasting results lie.

Now, I know change can be—and often is—challenging.

No one can want the change for you more than you want it for yourself. I’ll bring the education and insight to help you actuate it, and hold you accountable in the process. YOU bring the desire to change, and the commitment to making it happen.


That’s our recipe for success.