Support, education, empowerment.

The pathway to ‘health’ could use a little revising.

Which is ultimately what I’m here to do – and why I’m here to support you on your journey.

As I see it, we could all use a little more support, guidance and empowerment as we find our way into a life of balance where we are truly thriving: where we feel connected to our bodies and how we can fuel them; where we see past promises of fast results; where we want more for ourselves than fast fixes, instead choosing lasting, freedom-filled transformation.

I see a future where health and wellness is a whole-life conversation. And, one that’s designed to support people in feeling confident in their pursuit of finding their best self and expression of true, radiant health.

It all starts from within.

My health is finally on track! Kim was the perfect person to guide and support me on my health journey. Her commitment to my health and teaching me balance and moderation has been life changing.



I’m a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition

The passion behind my practice comes from what’s felt like a lifetime of trying to understand and support my own health and wellness.

College was the kickoff to my yo-yoing weight experience. Gaining and losing 10-20 pounds about 10 times, I watched myself fall into and out of highly restrictive diet regimes. They worked until they didn’t…which is when the weight would come right back. And with it, a handful of not-so-supportive thoughts about myself: shameful inner dialogues forcing me into a constant state of restricting myself (‘I HAVE to choose something ‘healthy’) while watching others around me enjoy what they wanted (‘Why can’t I just be like THEM?’). I stopped going out and being social; avoiding gatherings when drinking or take out would be on the menu in an effort to ‘be good’ and save calories.

In 2016, I tried something different. I sought out a health coach who introduced me to the idea of emotional eating – and so began my own journey of changing my relationship with food.

Understanding why we make the choices we do gave me a new access point to choice – and a different understanding of how to live a balanced, joyful life with food, backed up by education about ingredients and gentle guidance towards sustainable commitments.

Right around the time I hit my stride, chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other seemingly inexplicable symptoms set in.

Called the ‘picture of health’ by physicians, I spent the next 4 years learning about food – diving even more deeply into my understanding of food and how it can support our bodies. It was in that search for some kind of solution to my health struggles that I learned what was really in the foods we eat…and how what I thought was healthy eating really wasn’t.

It wasn’t until 2020 that the true root cause of all my symptoms was finally exposed: Toxic Mold Poisoning. So, while I couldn’t detox my body with *only* food, the healing power of food had come to light, and has been instrumental in my journey towards a renewed sense of thriving.

With my own story and experience, and a certification in hand, I’m out to support others in finding the power in food, and their relationship with it; to offer support, education and empowerment in the pursuit of a healthy life and lifestyle. And, to be an additional individual supporting you in your own journey towards thriving; creating whole-health plans that bring you into the most balanced version of yourself and your wellbeing.

It’s Your Turn.

Get the support, education, confidence AND accountability to transform your health journey, and access the hidden and healing power of real, whole food. Reach out to inquire about your food-fueled future of health and wellness.